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Technical Sessions


SAG Milling Equipment Design and Circuit Analysis
HPGR Technology
Ball Mill Circuits and Fine Grinding
Optimization and Ore Feed Property Implications for Comminution Circuits
Comminution Technology/Innovation


Dry Processing


Energy Minerals

Application of Flotation for Battery Recycling
Recycling I
Recycling II
Lithium Processing I
Lithium Processing II
Storage Minerals


Extractive Metallurgy

Factors Affecting Mineral Leaching Processes
Metal Extraction from Secondary Sources
Optimization of Metal Extraction
Extractive Metallurgy IV
Adsorption, Solvent Extraction and Solvent Exchange



Surface Chemistry of Sulfide Flotation
Surface Chemistry of Slag, Industrial Minerals and Other Flotation
Sulfide Flotation Applications I
Sulfide Flotation Applications II
Chemicals in Flotation I
Chemicals in Flotation II
Industrial Minerals Flotation I
Industrial Minerals Flotation II
Hydrodynamics and Gas Dispersion I
Hydrodynamics and Gas Dispersion II
Flotation Equipment Design I
Flotation Equipment Design II
Flotation Equipment Design Ill
Flotation of Complex and Problematic Ores
Surface Chemistry and Equipment


Geometallurgy and Process Mineralogy

Using Geological Data to Inform Metallurgical Processes
New Tests and Techniques in Geometallurgy
Process Mineralogy

Human Capital

The Changing Environment for Mineral Processing Education
Alternative Pathways to Mineral Processing Skills



Comminution and Pretreatment
Carbon Reduction in Comminution and Processing
Carbon Reduction in Comminution
Extreme Environments I and II
Sensing and Sorting I
Sensing and Sorting II


Physical Separations

Magnetic Separation
Combination of Physical Separation Techniques
Gravity, OMS, Chemical
Classification and Characterization


Plant Design

Plant Design I
Plant Design II


Process Control and Modeling & Simulation

Advanced Modeling and Control of Comminution
Advanced Modeling and Control of Flotation
Circuit Simulation, Design and Process Optimization I
Circuit Simulation, Design and Process Optimization II
Advances and Applications in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies


Strategic Minerals

Industrial Practice for Primary Minerals I
Industrial Practice for Primary Minerals II
Industrial Practice for Secondary Sources
Separation and Purification Innovations



Approaches to Tailings Dewatering
Reprocessing of Tailings I
Reprocessing of Tailings II


Water Management

The World of Water in Mining
Impact of Water Quality on Mineral and Water Processing
Dewatering Advances to Reduce Water Consumption
Water Accounting, Balancing, Reporting (ICMM) and Panel Discussion