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Draft Manuscript Submission

We have created the following overview to assist accepted authors with submitting their draft manuscript.

Manuscript Submission Resources

Guidelines for Submitting Your Manuscript


  1. Be certain to use the Guidelines and layout template. These are provided in advance to help you prepare your manuscript.
  2. Be certain all appropriate and necessary permission have been received to publish and present the manuscript.
  3. Extended abstracts and PowerPoint slides are not acceptable for the conference proceedings publication and should not be submitted.
  4. Manuscripts that are not submitted in an acceptable format may be returned to the author to be corrected or removed from the final publication.
  5. Please keep your paper to 5,000 words or fewer.
  6. Page size should be 8.5″ x 11″ with 1″ margins.
  7. For all text, use a common font such as Times New Roman, Arial and Symbol.
  8. All regular text, including author name, author affiliation, bulleted, numbered, table text, references, etc.: 11 pt, regular (Body Text First or Body Text)
  9. Title 12pt, bold, centered
  10. Heading Level 1: bold, all caps, flush left
  11. Heading Level 2: bold, initial caps, flush left
  12. Heading Level 3: bold, sentence style, end with a period
  13. Heading Level 4: bold, use Body Text style and run into an indented paragraph
  14. Table or Figure Caption: 11 pt, bold
  15. Table Column Heading: 11 pt, bold
  16. Extract Text (quotations): 10 pt, regular, left and right indent of 0.38”
  17. Footnote Text: 10 pt, regular
  18. Page Number in Footer: 10 pt, regular




IMPC Manuscript Criteria

  1. Does the paper add unique value to the mineral processing community, i.e., to your knowledge, this or similar material has not been published?
  2. Does the paper present new concepts and information?
  3. Is the technical content presented and supported well in the paper, e.g., equations, tables, figures, rationale, conclusions?
  4. Is the paper well written – organized, easy to understand, written with correct English grammar and paragraph/sentence structure?


Copyright Submission

The submitting author will complete a copyright assignment form when uploading the paper. The submitting author, who is also marked as such in the header of the paper, must sign the agreement on behalf of all of the authors of the particular paper, having gained their permission to do so. He or she signs and accepts responsibility for releasing the material on behalf of any and all co-authors. The submitting author cannot be changed once the paper is submitted.


Editorial Tips

The review process is not of journal-standard, in the first review, you are looking for very material errors or fundamental problems in the hypothesis or experimental data. It should take no more than 30 minutes or so to review each manuscript.  The final review is a check to make sure edits were completed as requested, and to provide a quick second overview (ideally from a different reviewer).


  • Is this paper of sufficient interest for the audience?
  • Does the topic fall within the scope of IMPC?
  • Does this paper add to the body of knowledge?
  • Is the content, as far as you know, original?
  • Is the purpose of the paper adequately defined?
  • Is the collecting and analyzing of data, and making of proper conclusions on the basis of the data, scientifically and statistically sound (or if it is a review article, is the topic adequately reviewed)?
  • Are the methods and procedures adequately addressed?      
  • Are the figures and tables of a high enough standard for publication (are they legible, relevant, have scales and units of measurements, etc.)?
  • All charts, graphs, and diagrams are labeled accurately and consistently.
  • Are the references cited appropriate and complete?
  • Is the English of a high enough standard?
  • The document text is concise and clear.
  • Headings match standard font, color, size styles.
  • Body text matches standard font, color, size styles.

Manuscript submission is MANDATORY to present at the conference. Acceptance of a paper for IMPC is a commitment to submit your manuscript ON TIME and to attend the conference and present. Dozens of abstracts were eliminated to include yours in program and proceedings. If you are not committed to submitting a final manuscript on time, and attending the conference, please contact us immediately and we will remove you from the program and proceedings to make room for another presentation. We appreciate your dedication to the industry in this capacity.

IMPC reviews manuscripts.  Draft manuscripts for review are due no later than January 31, 2024. They can be submitted by using the button below.

Reviewers will get comments to authors no later than March 31, 2024.

Final, complete manuscripts are due no later than May 2024 again at the button below.

Your paper should be submitted as a Word document (.doc, .docx). You must submit the figures as part of the main document.